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My Path:

Innovation & Inclusion

Before launching my own venture, I had the privilege of working with giants like Coca-Cola and SeaWorld. Despite the success and thrill of these roles, I couldn’t overlook the lack of diversity in advertising narratives and teams.

This inspired me to start my own company in 2014, with a mission to create a space where every voice is heard and each brand can tell its unique story. Winning awards was gratifying, but the real reward has been building a community where innovation thrives.

Imagine being 23, bursting with dreams, and stepping into the unknown world of entrepreneurship. That was me. Now, a decade later, I compiled these experiences into my book, It Happened in the Fourth Quarter. It’s more than just my story; it’s a guide for you.

I go in-depth about the highs and lows, the victories and challenges, all with one aim: to smooth your journey, strengthen your confidence as a leader, and prepare you to persevere through tough times. Consider this book our coffee chat, where I pass on the wisdom to navigate the entrepreneurial landscape with grace.

From Misstep to Milestone:

Discover The Decision That Changed Everything


Agility and Resilience:

Transformative Insights to
Guide and Enrich Your Journey

The hummingbird, a creature both delicate and dynamic, serves as a perfect emblem for my journey and the guidance I offer. This tiny bird, known for its incredible agility, mirrors the qualities I value and embody – both in my personal journey and in my mentorship approach. It stands for the courage to venture into uncharted territories and the wisdom to know when it’s time to stop, reflect, and recalibrate our strategies.

The hummingbird’s resilience is particularly poignant. It serves as a living reminder that grace and perseverance can carry us through no matter the size of the obstacle. Just as the hummingbird navigates challenges with elegance and efficiency, I aim to empower you to do the same, turning obstacles into opportunities for growth and success.

Reigniting Your Business's Passion and Potential

If you’ve reached a point where your business journey feels stagnant, know that you’re not alone. I’ve navigated through similar challenges and emerged stronger, and I’m ready to guide you out of this plateau. With a unique perspective honed through years of experience, I specialize in injecting new life into your entrepreneurial dreams.

Imagine rediscovering the excitement and drive that first sparked your business idea. My approach is tailored to breathe fresh energy into your vision.

Let's discuss your business goals.

For business owners struggling to maintain their momentum, I offer strategies to rekindle your original purpose and adapt it to the evolving market. By identifying and focusing on your core values, we can reignite the passion that sets your business apart.

For coaches and mentors seeking to expand their impact, I provide insights into fostering personal and professional growth. It’s about harnessing your unique strengths and translating them into compelling, inspiring leadership.

For multifaceted creatives who are brimming with diverse creative ideas yet struggling to channel them effectively, my mentorship focuses on honing and systematizing your thoughts to concentrate on one transformative idea at a time, paving the way for it to catalyze success in your other ventures.

Together, we’ll explore diverse tactics, from redefining your business goals to innovative marketing strategies and beyond. My commitment is to transform your plateau into a springboard, propelling you toward renewed success and fulfillment.


Inspiring on Stage:

Gain Insights and Inspiration from
Stories of Resilience and Leadership

I love sharing my story on stage, where I don’t just speak; I share a piece of myself. My talks are filled with stories of resilience, tips on leadership, and the power of storytelling. 

My aim isn’t just to inform, but to spark a dynamic exchange of energy and ideas. After attending, you’ll leave inspired and armed with practical insights to boost your business and leadership abilities.


My Impact

Charday’s a phenomenal speaker on the importance of branding and content creation. I highly recommend her for any speaking engagement.

Denise - Westin Hotel & Resorts

Charday’s a phenomenal speaker on the importance of branding and content creation. I highly recommend her for any speaking engagement.

Denise - Westin Hotel & Resorts

Charday’s a phenomenal speaker on the importance of branding and content creation. I highly recommend her for any speaking engagement.

Denise - Westin Hotel & Resorts

Ready to Create Your Brand Story?

If you’re poised to embrace change, reawaken your passion, and chart a new course for your business, I’m ready to guide you. Let’s figure this thing out together.

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    I encourage others to pursue their passions after growing my own Advertising and Branding Agency, NueWay Studios, into one of the Fastest Growing Private Companies in Atlanta

    I transform insights from founding NueWay Studios and my entrepreneurial journey into powerful on-stage narratives, sparking inspiration and equipping you with actionable leadership strategies.